Saturday, 27 November 2010

Concern Over Number of Emails

Michael Gove - Advisor to the Simple

Dear Michael,
I’ve just found out that I’m not getting as many emails as some of my colleagues and I’m obviously really worried about this.  The other day the NQT in our department was moaning about how many emails she gets and I was shocked to hear how much mail she regularly gets in her inbox.  I know it must sound like I’m just jealous but really I’m not – I’m really happy for her.  It’s just that I’ve been teaching for fifteen years and I feel like a failure.  Please help.

Julie, Telford
Dear Julie,
Hearing this makes my blood boil.  It’s really sad that in the 21st Century good, honest teachers still aren’t getting the emails they deserve.  You’re right to be concerned about the lack of emails you are getting, but there are a few simple things you can do to help you get more.  Try sending an ‘All Staff’ email saying that the owner of car registration xyz has left its lights on.  Nobody will recognise the registration number so you’ll probably not get more than half a dozen ‘Thanks but not mine’ emails but it’s a start and, more importantly at this stage, it will raise your email profile within the school.  You can boost this number by using an actual registration from the school car park.  You should still get your standard six, but you’ll also get a couple from staff who know whose car it is as well as one certainty that reads: ‘No I haven’t.’
You can also do a similar thing by pretending you’ve found a glove or purse.  Again, since nobody will actually have lost anything you’ll probably just get that standard six thanking you anyway.  It’s all about developing and raising a credible email profile.
Once you’re happy with your e-profile start sending emails to colleagues asking them to do little jobs for you.  If you begin these emails with phrases like ‘could you just’ and ‘I was wondering if’ they’ll probably not realise that you’re giving them extra and pointless work to do, and the emails they’ll have to send you as a result will be invaluable in rebuilding confidence in yourself. 
Good luck, Ducky,

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