Thursday, 18 November 2010

Teachers Welcome A Week Off Supporting School Bullies.

Supporting the work of bullies in my school for the last 51 weeks has been exhausting – thank goodness for November’s Anti-Bullying Week.  It can be such a thankless task these days to support bullying in schools with so much negative media attention surrounding the issue. I can’t wait for the week beginning the 15th November and a well-earned break.  I sometimes wonder about the fairness of being pro-bullying for so much of the year and I’m really looking forward to stopping some instances of unkind behaviour during these five days.  It seems like almost a year has gone by since I was last able, with anything approaching real conviction, to insist that one child stop being horrible to another.  Anti-Bullying Week is 15th-19th November.
James Andrews, author of The Bitter Root: Educating the Wayward Scholar

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